Every time you are face to face with a problem,the spontaneous question that arises in the mind is why its me always?We think  that  llife is very smooth for every body except me. In  fact  these hurdles are not barriers , they   enhance your skills further, to educate you,  and  to empower you.

The moment we are stuck up ,we  start exploring the various alternatives  that can be used to get at the desired level of accomplishment  and the whole new world unfolds itself  to choose from which would have remained a mystery otherwise.

So the obstacles should not deter us from moving forward.We should not start complaining ,instead start exploring and find  new openings for self  and others to follow.This will take all the stress out that we normally tend to generate in such situations.

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Coeducation in India

Frequently asked and debated question today is whether girls and boys should study in same institutions or should have separate schools and colleges for educational  purposes.Years at school and college are formative years for children and prepare them to mingle in a better way in the social set up.However looking at the current social scenario at times it is felt that perhaps separate institution will prevent the very frequent assaults on the so called weaker sex.I feel its like closing your eyes to something unpleasent hoping that if you refuse to see it may be it will not happen.After all the society can function properly only when both the sexes learn to leave togather ammicably ,giving  respect and space  to each other,which can not be acheived by forcibly separating them.

So it is very necessary that let children study in coeducational set up right from day one of schooling.This way they don’t treat each others as aliens as in some of our social groups they are made out to be.They develop better understanding for each other and have mutual respect for the other sex.After all both are important components of our social system and have a right to self respect and equal opportunity.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Yet another year has started giving hopes and aspirations that are always associated with New. Isn’t it yet another day starting with the rising of the sun in the morning every day,full of hope and indicating commitments that one has to /should keep that day. Its all in the mind. Change of numbers is not going to change anything. The change lies within us and each day needs to be celebrated with new vigor and hope which daily the rising sun brings with it. We don’t really have to wait for the full year .Lets start our each day with full enthusiasm taking the challenges that lie in store for us with commitment and sincerity and find for yourself how it feels.After all we should be thankful to the almighty for giving us yet another day to live which quite a few others may not be lucky enough to have .After all it’s the best PRESENT from HIM.

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People travel for miles despite their sore feet and palpitation. What is it that drives them despite all the pain and suffering? Men and women of all age groups ranging form 18 to 80 and children of age 5 to 15 walk along, though tired but still full of life and pleasure. It is  their faith in some thing that moves them on. Faith in some thing that is going to make them happier. This faith in itself is the driving force. So Nothing can give u peace and happiness except u youself. Faith will move u forward no matter how difficult is the terrain.

So keep going.

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Why Are We Scared of Our Own Children

The insecurity is so deep rooted in our minds that we can’t even talk what we feel. There is always that fear of creating unpleasantness in relationships. Are the relationship so overtly that some remark or outburst will /can ruin it. I feel it is not a relationship if it gets upset for  some small thing. Openness and frank talk perhaps is the lifeline for relationships. They might cause annoyance temporarily but strengthen relations in the long run. We understand each other better and try to accomodate and assimilate if we really love and care for a person. After all relationships are caring and sharing.

I happened to meet a few parents who complain that their children do not share their feelings with them. Perhaps it is because we as elders think it is our birth right to nag them as and when the are around, may be on any pretext. Is it necessary that we always have to say something. Sometimes not saying any thing speaks louder than words. Present generation is too smart today and gets things very fast. We should be open with them and do more of listening and giving your views only at an opportune time.

There was a person who scolded his six year old child for something and there was a strong resentment from the child for the ordeal. The parent was taken aback and too shocked to say anything. Later he asked some body who he thought was closer to the child to find out what prompted him to act in this way. Would not it have been pertinent for the parent to sit with the child some time later  and discuss this behavior. Normally in such situation parents try to appease the child and further harm the relationship.

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Life goes on at its pace. Nothing stops on any account whatever and rather should go on no doubt. But man is a social animal and that is why the concept of family and social relationships. Every body understands the stark realities but at times of bereavements does need some support from dear ones and not the philosophies of life (which every one is well versed in and can give good sermons). Time is a big healer and heals-support or no support. So life goes full circle and the challenge is how fast u get up and get going.

After all the show must go on…..

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Where is the world heading?

Gone are the days when people felt for others and empathized and sympathised with their near and dear ones. Now every body is too busy to even pay condolences even for deaths in their own family and not at all if the incumbent is an octagenarian. Do the relationships end with the stopping of the breath because it is a proven fact that body is mortal and everybody has to go one day? what about the joy rides and stories that we grew up with from them, the supportive hands when we were shaky,the hands that lead us in the thick and thin of our journey of life? Maybe we hear so much about death every day around us that it no longer affects us . But i think a few words of love and support from some one do help at such a time. They can not gauge the vaccum created but do help in facing it.

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